Properties for vacation villas in Goa

Good plots for vacation villas are hard to find, we have access to some of the best plot available in the north of Goa in places such as Porvorim, Sagolda, Calangute and Arpora. You will have to reach us over the phone as these plots are not listed on our website. The slump in the market seen in India in 2011- 2012 has passed us by but the real estate market in Goa did not see prices drop although the market was sluggish.

Holiday properties are always in demand in Goa and investing in one makes it a highly lucrative investment due to the sheer volume of visitors each year.

Real estate development  for villas in Goa has been fast growing as the market has seen demand for housing in 2014. What makes it better the before is then number of options available to a buyer, as he as a wide variety to choose from invested real estate up for sale as well as new developments in also every major suburb in Goa.

We several listings you can browse through if you look for a property to buy in Goa or if you are even looking to list your property for sale. Selling with us helps you find the right buyer due to our wide presence over the internet we are able to reach a wider audience.  Amarya Goa populates on the first page of Google for numerous searches and ranks high among other property sites in Goa.

Making the best of the limited space in your apartment: pro design tips

Due to the limited space available in apartments in and around city areas, making the best use of the available space in your apartment can sometimes be challenging. Plenty of decisions and choices need to be made; furniture may have to be replaced or walls repainted to get the best of the space available. Here we share a few fundamental approaches based on design principles that work best for limited spaced apartments. Having an understanding of these concepts will help you better go about redecorating and then the desired end results.

Interior designers incorporate several of these concepts and strategies in their design schemes. Although the rules are meant to be broken, the fundamental approaches remain the same.

Tiny apartments require plenty of natural light to help open up the space. This can be achieved by adding large windows wherever the architectural layout permits. Natural light by itself enhances look and feel of the room is it brightens it up and also keeps it fresh and airy when compared to a room without natural light. Interior designers take this a step further by placing a mirror on the wall opposite the window. This further help the light to reflect off the mirror and spread across the room. Equal thought must be put into the type of flooring selected for the area. Keep in mind that wooden flooring and carpets absorb light, and tiny spaces required, like to be reflected to give the appearance of a larger space. Similarly, the colours used on the wall work in the same manner. Neutral colours are most recommended and not darker palettes. Professional interior designer also cleverly use patterns and textures in smaller spaces to create the illusion of a larger area. Vertical patterns generally directed towards ceiling helps achieve this effect. Vertical patterns can be used on fabrics, curtains and even dado’s.


Kitchen Design Principles

The most common kitchen design principles revolves around the placement of the kitchen triangle, the placement of the countertops, the lighting plan, the use of color and adequate storage. These design principles are based on how professional kitchen designers such as Enfold Modular Kitchen which you too can incorporate in your design. The core of kitchen designs begin with the placement of the kitchen triangle.

The placement of the sink, the refrigerator and the stove in a distance not more than 5-7 feet apart from each other in a triangular shape is start point of any design plan. The triangular placement is known to improve efficiency while cooking and do its easy reach avoid making cooking a tiresome activity. Next comes the placement of the kitchen countertops. Adequate countertop space is essential for prep, serving and around the sink area. Commonly used layouts in Goan homes include the L shaped design, the peninsula layout, parallel and the straight kitchen. Storage is another vital aspect od modular kitchen design. Careful planning and placement of storage areas will ensure that clutter is reduced to a minimum.

Storage can be planned with bottom cabinets, overhead cabinets, cabinets around the island counter and also floor bottom to ceiling cabinets placed on to a wall for maximum storage. Colors have a vital role to play in every role of the house and equally so with the kitchen as well. Colors are known to set the mood and tone of every room and if used widely, a kitchen can be created as a warm and inviting space. Most rooms of the home cannot handle loud colors however the kitchen is the exact opposite. Yellows, reds, oranges etc are colors of choice for larger kitchen areas and pastels for small spaces.  Creating contrast between the cabinetry and the walls is essential to make the room stand out and create contrast. in the next post we shall cover the principles of lighting and discuss décor tips used by professionals that you too can use in your kitchen space.